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Hillstar Business Intelligence starts the Power BI Brigade

Power BI Brigade

Hillstar Business Intelligence starts the Power BI Brigade

VEENENDAAL, August 18, 2016 – Hillstar starts a new initiative to let businesses get to know Microsoft Power BI. That is the new reporting solution which can act like an addition to Excel, simply sharing and rating company results with colleagues. That is how you transfer data into action that improves business. 

Why does the Power BI Brigade exist?

“Data is everywhere, but how do you structure all that data? Power BI does that in a very simple, accessible way. Many of our customers are looking for an easy way to combine and visualize data”, Klaas Mollema, CEO Hillstar.

Because the use of mobile devices in corporate environments took a increased a lot, the wish to get the data on those devices grew too. With Power BI you could easily take a look at your results even when you are on the beach, watching Power BI on your iPad or Surface.

Isn’t BI something for large companies only?

The Power BI brigade delivers a number of valuable dashboards in one day. It is a short process, so no large budgets are needed. Every role in the company is fed with information that is important to him of her.

That enables you to improve business processes every day. The department manager, the CEO, operational people, they all need information.

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What does the Power BI Brigade do?

  1. Data Makeover. This is the short process in which the Power BI Consultant takes your daily Excel reports and puts them in the colorful and actionable layout of Power BI. After this process you are trained to make reports yourself from then on.
  2. Temporary Power. Sometimes it is good to temporarily have someone with Power BI skills on your desk. Someone with specific knowledge of one solution to kickstart the project. The Power BI Brigade can also do that for you.


Who is Hillstar?

Hillstar is specialized in Business Intelligence since 2012. With a team of 25 BI professionals they mainly work for SME companies in wholesale, retail and production. Because Hillstar was already working with most solutions inside the Microsoft stack, Power BI was quickly adopted and within the team there are now five Power BI specialists. So now Hillstar does not only serve their customers with Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics ERP-users, but for a much more extensive market. Power BI can be connected to almost any source that may be interesting.