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Power BI & Pokemon GO. Everything you need to know in 1 view!

Pokémon Go & Power BI

Power BI & Pokemon GO. Everything you need to know in 1 view!

Everybody is playing Pokemon GO in Holland. So we thought, lets put some data in Power BI to see what is what. Some info on Pokemon Go: It is a game that uses augmented reality. That means that the digital game takes place in your own analog environment through the lens of the camera. So you can walk through the park and spot a really rare Pokemon in front of you. At that moment you need to catch it and train it.

Since the release of Pokemon Go in The Netherlands a week ago, an enormous amount of people plays the game. You constantly see groups of people walk through the street in search for their new Pokemon. As datalovers, we couldn’t resist putting some data inside Power BI to get a better grip on where to start with Pokemon Go.

Chances are that you, your children or even your parents play Pokemon Go. To directly make a great start, we show the Pokemon Characters you must “find” to become a star in the game in the Power BI Dashboard above.

Want to see what Power BI looks like when your company data is displayed, look at the Power BI demo. Here you can click around and get a feeling with the value of Power BI.